Our Rates

Rates for Mixing

I try to keep this as simple as possible. I charge $200.00 CA per song and allow up to two revisions per mix. You must provide the stems at 48k, 24 bit. Stems can be delivered to Dropbox and the mix will be made available for review online. Stems must all be clearly named and they should be in one clearly named folder, named after the song/artist.

Rates for Mastering

Again, lets keep this simple. Each song I master costs you $80.00 CA. Files must be provided to me at 48k, 24 bit. Upload to Dropbox and will be available for review online. Files will be delivered back to the customer electronically.

Rates for Web Sites

Zuka has a lot of experience building web sites for small to medium size businesses and corporations. Nowadays, we focus primarily on sites for the music industry – bands, musicians, songwriters and labels, but we still design & build business and personal sites and indeed, have a lot of experience with all types of sites.

All site requirements are obviously different but we exclusively use WordPress to build the core and then customize from there. The best thing you can do if you are considering a web site (and you should), is know what you like. So, do some surfing around to sites related to your type of music or genre, then contact us. A simple site does not have to be expensive. 20


  • Theme, chosen from our specific theme library
  • Required plugins
  • Up to five pages
  • Note that there is an annual license renewal fee of $50 CA for the required plugin package.
  • Wordfence site protection (basic)

Music Business

  • Themes chosen from our library plus some minor design changes
  • Appropriate plugins. Note there is a basic plugin package required
  • 500 MB of storage space
  • Up to five pages
  • Basic Facebook Business page linked to your site
  • Basic
  • Music Business Package
BasicMusic Business Package
ThemeOne, chosen from our selected libraryOne, from our advanced theme library
PluginsAs appropriate. Basic set of plugins required at a minimum.As appropriate. Basic set of plugins required.
PagesUp to five.5 plus basic Facebook Business page, linked to site.
Additional CostsAnnual license fee for required plugin package: $50Annual fee for required plugin package: $50

Larger, more custom complex sites start at $1500. We will work with you to produce a high quality custom site that showcases your music or service in the best possible way.

Talk to us, We can help you. We’ll work with you to give you a site you will be proud to show to your fans or customers, and one that will help present you, your music, your artists, your service or merchandise in the best possible light.

Contact us using the form below. If you are interested in mix or mastering services, please upload a demo track that you believe exemplifies you or your bands music the best so I can get an idea of what you are doing. Please upload a high quality WAV or MP3. ZIP the file if you prefer.

Dave Filchak, Mixing Engineer on SoundBetter