A Brief History

In the beginning..

Zuka began it’s life in 1980 as a music publishing company.  The company was formed originally to manage Dave’s growing catalogue of songs.  Zuka always remained in contact with it’s musical roots, owning three separate recording studios from 1986 through to the early nineties. Dave Filchak produced many music projects for musicians and corporate clients under the Zuka banner.

By the mid-nineties, Zuka morphed into more of a Corporate media production company, producing print, signage, live events, web content and management to small and medium sized companies. Zuka was also a leader in the emerging online streaming business in Canada.

And now …

Now, Zuka returns to it’s roots, but draws from some of it’s recent past, to re-invent itself again as a music and services company for musicians. Providing mixing and mastering services as well as WordPress web development for musicians.

Zuka continues to be the publisher for the works of Dave Filchak.