Dave Filchak is a veteran musician and industry professional. He thinks he was always mean’t to be a musician from the day he was born.

At the age of seven, he received his first guitar (a Stella steel string no less) and promptly began his career. While he did manage to get in quite a number of lessons early on, it was all about playing and recording. He started young and continues doing this to this day. It is a passion.

He spent the late sixties, the seventies and the eighties touring constantly. Throughout this time, Dave was constantly writing and recording music. He recorded live, he recorded in studios, he recorded in hotel rooms. Wherever and whenever he could, he was recording. In 1978, he opened his first recording studio in southern Alberta. He recorded, mixed and produced hundreds of singles and albums for local western Canadian artists as well as for many of the touring acts passing through. He also wrote and produced countless radio ads for businesses all over western Canada.

In 1980, he sold the studio and moved farther west to Vancouver to pursue his playing career. He met the future members of Sharp Edges, then called The 44 Band and eventually signed with Aquarius/Capitol Records. They released an EP called “Slice of Life” but did not receive the kind of support a record needed from its record company, especially in the eighties. After the band’s demise, he moved to Toronto to continue his writing career.

In Toronto, he opened two separate studios and is considered a pioneer in online streaming in Canada. He designed and built the streaming network for the first online 24 hour radio station in Canada called “Virtually Canadian”. This was later sold to Standard Broadcasting and became Iceburg Media.

Now Dave is living in Toronto and is writing and mixing/mastering original music from great artists. He would love to include you as one of them.